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Mergoat Mag is a publication dedicated to investigating the contemporary ecological situation of Southern Appalachia and the cultures shaped by it.

Mergoat Land Design and Restoration

Sorrel Inman

[email protected]
(865) 250-6140

Mergoat Land Design and Restoration

Sorrel Inman

[email protected]
(865) 250-6140

Our publication seeks to explore Southern Appalachia at the intersection of ecological apocalypse and restorative futurity—
Who are we? How do we locate ourselves ecologically and politically in this overwhelming global moment? What transformations are opening within our region? What structural challenges impede these transformations? How has the Southern Appalachian imagination evolved within these conditions?

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The cover of Mergoat Mag Blue Hollers in the Shadow of the Holocene features a blue collage of images of natural elements like bloodroot and mushrooms, a sturgeon fish, and tree roots, as well as Atlanta police and stacks of tires.

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The Mergoat Mag Issue 3 "Kindly of a Queer Nature" cover showing an all-pink monochrome image of a pig with a big tree growing out of its head and three baby pigs running around with tree sprouts coming out of their heads in a spacious mountain scene.

Issue 3

Transecologies: Kindly of a Queer Nature

Transition is not only a movement from one physical state to another, it is also a psychic and societal operation. It is the enfleshment of hope, possibility, and self-determination. What else might the queerness of Appalachia teach us about our hills and heritage? Can we lift the veil of separation hanging between our desire for a new future and the currents of our bleak reality? Can we project another world, another future, into the void left by industrial capitalism—a world characterized by ecological reciprocity? Can we transition? Will we transition?

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